Mazahl’s Ascent

A young woman only finding refuge in her imagination, Mazahl encompasses a wide array of tribulations and afflictions that test human beings in all domains of life. Deprived of independence and coerced to conform, she must disguise the truth of her feelings in order to avoid persecutions in a world she does not want to live in. The dichotomy and irony of the precarious predicament is a theme of the conflicts many of us are constantly confronted by. I believe this is because we are inherently driven to seek the truth within ourselves, and limitations are challenges to be overcome. Living in a society where religious doctrine masquerades as spiritual purity, women are systematically judged and valued on their quality and degree of obedience to a structure, which harbours a vile contempt for them. However, Mazahl’s inner energy was too powerful to yield to such crude impositions, and she was irresistibly beckoned to risk her life and sanity for the sake of freedom.


Welcome to Mazahl’s world under the veil, hidden in scorching desert where cries of the victims of misogyny go unheard and unseen. Does Mazahl have the fortitude to remain resolute from the insufferable pressure and indoctrination suffocating her? Will she discover any joy and awakening from exposing herself to the pervasive risks in the patriarchal house of cards? Can her sensual spirit rise in an environment where women’s sexuality is viciously controlled and dictated by the terms of men?


Join Mazahl in her journey in my new book, Mazahl’s Ascent. Out soon.

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